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Guest post for RubyLearning

Guest post for RubyLearning:

As well as introducing eventmachine I tried to explain how one might go about creating clean abstractions in the upside down world of evented programming.

I’ve got a lot more patters waiting in the wings, so hopefully this gets a good reception!

A simple way to import commits from git to svn

Disclaimer: I’m posting this because when I googled for a quick solution for importing a few git commits into subversion there was nothing. This might not be perfect, but it worked for me.

The basic idea is to output the patch files from git. This will export a patch file for each commit between these two shas

git format-patch --no-prefix sha1..sha2

Then apply the patch, add and remove everything, and commit

patch -p0 < commit.patch
# Mess about a bit
svn commit -m commit

I wrote a quick ruby script to automate this which you can find at After running git format-patch to create the patch files just run the script in the subversion directory

ruby ~/bin/import_git_patches.rb "/glob/for/patch/files/00*"

Real Time Web Talk at Scottish Ruby Conf

Here are the slides for the talk Makoto and I gave today at Scottish Ruby Conf. Thanks to everyone who came to support us, and for all the positive comments.

Removing Vodafone malware that spoils the Snow Leopard party

I had the software for a Vodafone mobile dongle installed on my 10.5 mac which caused a 5 minute beach ball after I installed Snow Leopard. Maybe installing rosetta as prompted would have made it work, but I just wanted to rid myself of this nastiness since I’m not using the dongle any more anyway.

Dear google, this is what I did, YMMV:

Remove the following from /Library/LaunchAgents/

Remove mac_swapperdemon from system preferences user > accounts > user login items


/Library/Application support/Vodafone
/Applications/Vodafone mobile connect

Update: also discovered some kernel extensions to remove

sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions/USBExpressCardCantWake_Huawei.kext
sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions/ZTEUSBCDCACMControl.kext
sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions/ZTEUSBCDCACMData.kext